Introducing the first X-ray detector based on Quantum Dot technology

A revolution in medical imaging


Our technology

Quantum dots (QDs) are tiny solution-processable semiconductor nanoparticles. This class of materials emerged a few decades ago, but only recently QDs appeared in commercial products on the mass market. QDs have the full potential to revolutionize the area of X-ray imaging due to the set of their unique properties. The proposition of QDI systems is a mammography detector based on quantum dots, which provides high contrast and resolution mammograms for doctors, dose reduction for patients with lower costs for hospitals.

Furthermore, our patented QD technology allows scalable fabrication of semiconductive QD films with the thicknesses ranging from nanometers to hundreds of microns. Depending on the type of QDs, film thickness and device architecture, a wide variety of optoelectronic devices can be fabricated. We have extensive experience in making and stabilizing the dispersions of QDs for direct deposition of semiconductive films, fabrication of QD films by various solution-processable techniques, making and characterizing optoelectronic devices, patterning and encapsulating QD films.


Applicable for

  • X-ray detectors
  • SWIR image sensors
  • (NIR tandem) solar cells
  • NIR LEDs
  • Thermal detectors

About the company

QDI systems is a high-tech start-up, spin-off from Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen. At QDI systems, we develop imaging devices for medical applications based on quantum dots.

The strategy of QDI systems is to become a major technology provider, developing QDs technology for various applications. The value that we offer includes high-quality and easy-to-use quantum dot material and the detailed recipe on how to make a high-performance device out of it.

Are you interested in our technology and what we are doing? Do you have an idea about the collaboration or a problem that can be solved by using QD technology? Or you just want to share a few words with us?

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Team of QDI systems

Artem Shulga, PhD


Ton van den Hoven, BSc

Business development and operations

Dmytro Bederak, MSc

Research and development


Nataliia Sukharevska, MSc

Research and development

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Company news

  • SNN VIA+ subsidy granted

    We are happy to announce that SNN approved our VIA+ subsidy application for project "Developing prototype quantum dot X-ray detector".

    In recent years, unique know-how has been created by the Department of Photophysics & Optoelectronics of the University of Groningen (RUG) about the use and use of Quantum Dots (QDs) in the detection of x-rays. With this technology, it seems possible to make X-ray images with a higher resolution, a higher contrast, and a lower radiation dose. QDI systems B.V. has obtained the right to further develop and commercialize this technology. Through this project, we want to build a prototype for an X-ray detector based on QDs to demonstrate the operating principle.

  • Artem Shulga wins GEC PhD Thesis Prize 2020

    Dr. Artem Shulga received the "Best GEC PhD Thesis Award" at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Groningen Engineering Center (GEC). You can find his dissertation “Colloidal Quantum Dot Field-Effect Transistors - From Electronic Circuits to Light Emission and Detection” here.

  • Starting up in academia: The entrepreneurial journey of Artem Shulga, founder and CEO of QDI Systems

    Check the recent interview of our CEO Artem Shulga covering his experience from measuring the radiation level in Chernobyl to getting the PhD degree from the University of Groningen and entrepreneurship.

  • The project “Direct conversion X-ray detectors based on quantum dots” was granted via the Take-off program of the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

    In recent years, unique know-how has been created by the Department of Photophysics and Optoelectronics of the University of Groningen about the use of Quantum Dots (QDs) in both infrared detection and x-ray detection. The knowledge that has arisen is currently being protected by a patent application "imaging device based on colloidal quantum dots". With this invention, it becomes possible to produce x-ray images sharper, cheaper, and safer.
    The startup QDI-systems intends to bring this invention to a game-changing x-ray application. Based on the results of this feasibility study, it can be decided whether a company can be started around this innovation. The aim of this study is to find answers to questions related to the market, revenue model, technology, organization and finance, with which a sound business plan for QDI systems can be made.

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